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Before the earthquake


The rebuilding design

Some remarks

As we explained in the section “Introduction to the kindergarten”, the big earthquake seriously damaged most buildings of the kindergarten and destroyed one completely. After detailed negotiations between the PMME and the HongYuan com, the restructuring project will be undertaken by the HongYuan com, while the PMME will collect funds for the whole of the rebuilding work of the 4th building (based on an excellent design–developed by the Department of Architecture & Environment Protection, Sichuan University).

Given thecomplex and costly situation related to the difficulty of transporting materials in the disaster area, the rebuilding plan will reduce the 3-floors building surface from 1868 m² to a 2-floors 1234 m², but with a new standard for earthquake-resistant construction (against 8 degrees of earthquake, Richter scale). Furthermore, new parameters for environmental protection (trees cover 30% of the area) and energy saving (solar panel roofs) will be included in the rebuilding plan. As can be seen from a comparison of the current buildings damaged by the earthquake and the artist’s rendition of the new school, this project will truly bring hope to replace tragedy.



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