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ASSOCIATION " A Better World via Education "


The children of the earth are humanity's greatest treasure. Join us with your generous donation and help socially disadvantaged children have a happy childhood!

Special Thanks to Donors and Supporters

Our profound thanks to everyone who has helped us, either by their generous financial support or their active support to our planning and fund raising activities.


  1. ALIX Alain P. (Distinguished professor, University of Reims, France)
  2. BARRIERE François (Geology teacher, Colbert high school, Reims, France)
  3. BRAIDY Nadi (Canadian post-doc, ONERA French laboratory)
  4. BRECHET Yves (Professor, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France)
  5. CAEBOTTE Jules and Ramona (Distinguished professor and spouse, McMaster University, Canada)
  6. CHE Hanqing (Student, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)
  7. CHEN Jinxiang (Associate professor, South-West Science & Technology University, China)
  8. CHENG Xiaoliang (Researcher, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Research Center, Canada)
  9. CHENG Yachuan (Industrial branch-manager, Sichuan, China)
  10. CHIEN Chia-Ling and WANG Yue (Distinguished Professor and spouse, J. Hopkins University, USA)
  11. DAUMONT Garance (a 10-year-old girl, Paris, France)
  12. DU Youwei (Professor, Nanjing University, fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS))
  13. DUFFY Rosemary (Retired high school teacher, Canada)
  14. DUTREIX Nicolas (Consulting company manager, Paris, France)
  15. ELLIOT Biro (Research leader, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Research Center, Canada)
  16. FANG Dongyu (Master student, Capital University of Medicine, Beijing, China)
  17. FELLOUS Carla (a 10-year-old girl, Paris, France)
  18. HAN Ke (Professor, NHMFL, Florida University, USA)
  19. JI Guangbin (Associate Professor, Nanjing Aeronautic University, China)
  20. JIANG Yunxian (Engineer for construction management, Sichuan, China)
  21. JIANG Yunzhou (Horticulturist of orchids, Sichuan, China)
  22. KANG Annie (a 8 year-old girl, Hamilton, Canada)
  23. KANG Jidong (Research Associate, McMaster University, Canada)
  24. KOCKS Fred and Marianne (LANL, fellow of the National Academy and spouse, USA)
  25. KONG Juan (PhD student, McMaster University, Canada)
  26. LANGUEREAU Eloi (a 7-year-old boy, Paris, France)
  27. LANGUEREAU Judith (a 10-year-old girl, Paris, France)
  28. LANZENBERG François and Margaret (French TV5 Journalist and spouse, France)
  29. LAURENT Daniel (Former President of University Paris-Est, Marne-La-Vallée, France)
  30. LECAT David (French pharmacist)
  31. LEFEVRE-SCHLICK Florent (Research engineer, Algoma Steel, Canada)
  32. LI Jinhua (PhD student, Institute of geology and geophysics-CAS, Beijing, China)
  33. LI Kent (Research leader, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Research Center, Canada)
  34. LI Yuxia (PhD, Peking University, China)
  35. LIANG Xin (PhD student, Harvard University, USA)
  36. LIU Min (PhD student, Institute of Oceanography-CAS, Qingdao, China)
  37. LIU Wei (Associate professor, Beijing JiaoTong University, China)
  38. LORROQUE Christophe (Associate Professor, University of Reims, France)
  39. MACKAY Alan L. (Professor, FRS, London University, UK)
  40. MASSE Jean-Philippe (Post-doc, McMaster University, Canada)
  41. MOUZE Dominique (Associate Professor, University of Reims, France)
  42. NIU Rongmei (PhD, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)
  43. PANZA-GIOSA Roque (Manager, Goodrich Landing Gear, Canada)
  44. REN Xufang (Deputy major for Science et Technology, Yanzhou, China)
  45. SCHMIDT Tim (Vice President, Trilion Quality System, New York, USA)
  46. SHI Lei (Student, Ecole supérieure de commerce de Paris, France)
  47. TANG Chuanfeng (Deputy Major for Education, Jiangyou, China)
  48. TIAN Jinduo (Professor, Sculptor, Institute of Arts, Shenyang, China)
  49. XIAO Tian (Professor, Institute of Oceanology - CAS, Qingdao, China)
  50. XIE Wenqi (Master student, Sichuan University, China)
  51. WANG Bo (Undergraduate student, University of Waterloo, Canada)
  52. WANG Chunhong (Associate professor, Railway University of Jinan, China)
  53. WANG Di (Associate professor, Texas A&M University, USA)
  54. WANG Hong (Industrial manager, China)
  55. WANG Jun (PhD student, Universitat Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
  56. WANG Liang (Truck driver, Canada)
  57. WANG Lin (Industrial branch-manager, Suzhou, China)
  58. WANG Qingyuan (Professor and Dean, Sichuan University, China)
  59. WANG Xiang and ZHOU Ya (Research associate and spouse , McMaster University, Canada)
  60. WECK Arnaud (Assistant professor, Mechanical University of Ottawa, Canada)
  61. WU Chao (Master student, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China)
  62. WU Hongqing (PhD student, Institute of Oceanology-CAS, Qingdao, China)
  63. WU Elisabeth (Computing engineer, travel agency, France)
  64. WU Laurent (French-born Chinese teenager, France)
  65. YANG Guozheng (Associate professor, Peking University, China)
  66. YANG Huajie (PhD student, Institute of Metal research-CAS, Shenyang, China)
  67. YANG Yigen (Former official of Jiangyou government, China)
  68. YU Catherine (French-born Chinese teenager, France)
  69. YU William (French-born Chinese teenager, France)
  70. ZHANG Deyi (Retired Colonel, Jinan, China)
  71. ZHANG Fan (Lecturer, Sichuan University, China)
  72. ZHANG Gengmin (Professor of Physics, Peking University, China)
  73. ZHANG Kun (Associate professor, Sichuan University, China)
  74. ZHANG Nan (Senior Athletics Coach, Shandong, China)
  75. ZHANG Ping (Engineer, Institute of Oceanology-CAS, Qingdao, China)
  76. ZHANG Yongmin (Professor, University Paris 6-CNRS, France)
  77. ZHANG Yuepeng (PhD student, McMaster University, Canada)
  78. ZHANG Yuhong (Research engineer, ShenYang, China)
  79. ZHU Kailing (Post-doc, Institute of Oceanology-CAS, Qingdao, China)
  80. ZHUYunde (Industrial manager, Ningbo, China)



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