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ASSOCIATION " A Better World via Education "


The children of the earth are humanity's greatest treasure. Join us with your generous donation and help socially disadvantaged children have a happy childhood!

Our Background

We are a group of university academics from a variety of backgrounds but with considerable experience of dealing with problems in the developing World. We are motivated by the needs related to education in a variety of communities and have formed a humanitarian aid association with the following objectives:

A) To aid in the construction and reconstruction of educational facilities in areas affected by natural disasters and civil strife.

B) To provide basic education and training to a variety of groups related to the impact of climate change on communities in the developing world.

C) To promote research in the basic sciences and social sciences aimed at preserving both the physical and cultural environment and the provision of appropriate infrastructures in areas affected by disasters.

D) To promote cultural interchanges and multilateral collaborations to reduce conflicts between peoples and to promote appropriate forms of development in under-developed regions.

Our operations

An important aspect of the operations of the association is to develop both appropriate educational vehicles and technologies for use in disaster stricken areas of the developing world. To attain the above objectives the association PMME will utilise the following mechanisms:
- Fund raising by individual donations on a broad International front, but in the initial stages of operation, efforts will be concentrated in France, China and Canada.

- Direct contact with a number of large industrial and financial enterprises to encourage their direct participation in the provision of appropriate educational mechanisms in areas affected by disasters and by climate change;
- The development of a number of interactive conferences aimed at educating people to the direct local needs in communities stricken by disasters and strife. In addition, a series of informational seminars will be organised and given in a variety of public and academic settings to provide a basis for public debate and discussion relating to the development of appropriate vehicles for aid to developing and disaster stricken communities.

A mechanism which we propose to implement is the development of a series of stages or internships where both students and professionally trained candidates from the developed world can spend periods in areas affected by disasters. This mechanism has the advantage both of bringing appropriate expertise to the affected regions and helping the developed world to understand the real issues from a local viewpoint. The concept of stages or internships will be linked with an educational effort in universities in the developed world to help faculty and students appreciate the concrete needs of areas subject to disasters and civil strife.

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