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ASSOCIATION " A Better World via Education "


The children of the earth are humanity's greatest treasure. Join us with your generous donation and help socially disadvantaged children have a happy childhood!

Comments and Debates on Education

A major thrust of the activities is in education and the central theme that the world can benefit a great deal by education, which gives renewed emphasis to global citizenship and ecological and moral responsibility. Thus on the PMME website we will provide summaries of texts and articles aimed at provoking debate about educational methods and objectives taken from sources in a number of countries in order to provide a spectrum of opinions. We welcome suggestions for additional material to be posted on this section of the web site.

In a period of both economic crisis and the radical effects of climate change, it is appropriate to consider the role of education both in terms of the traditional education of students but also the broader educational objectives of informing the public of important issues and the provision of life long learning systems which enhance understanding between different societies.


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