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ASSOCIATION " A Better World via Education "


The children of the earth are humanity's greatest treasure. Join us with your generous donation and help socially disadvantaged children have a happy childhood!

Dear friends, please send your donation to

Association PMME
77, rue des Plantes 75014 Paris (France)

Name of beneficiary: Association PMME
Name of the bank: La Banque Postale
Number of the account: CCP 5752697 M020
IBAN: FR12 2004 1000 0157 5269 7M02 020 PSSTFRPPPAR


If you wish to make a donation in either Canadian or American Dollars (CAD or USD)

- Please send your cheque to:

Royal Bank of Canada - 100, King Street West -Hamilton ON L8P-1A2 Canada (Mrs. Karen MATOS)

Beneficiary: association PMME

Account number: 5713551512

If you wish to make a donation in Chinese yuan (RMB)

Name of beneficiary: ZHU Kailing(朱开玲),   tel.(+86) 139 5421 8493

Name of the bank: China Industrial and Commercial Bank, Qingdao Branch

Number of the account: 622208 3803 0032 29466



Give cash to the PMME members in your country
(please contact us to know the person's name)

The PMME association would deliver you an official certificate of donation.
Thank you very much for your generosity!

We are most grateful to the Hunterdon Central National Chinese Honor Society (New Jersey, USA) members for their great humanitarian and educational action towards Chinese children.




一年来,我分会一直在寻找有价值、有意义的筹资理由。当会员奥克女士(Oak)向我们介绍了PMME协会的活动后,大家一致同意将奥克女士和她的学生们在2012年度里收集的善款全部捐赠给贵协会。 我分会会员们都为自己有机会受到过良好的教育而感到万分幸运,因此也希望尽微薄之力赞助PMME协会所熟悉的贫穷孩子们,为他们提供良好的教育机会。




Searles 女士



以 教 育 促 使 世 界 更 美 好 协 会
《A Better World via Education》
《Pour un Monde Meilleur via l’Education (PMME)》
11 Avenue de l’Observatoire -75006 Paris (France)
Email., Website:

Madame Cecilia OAK
Hunterdon Central Regional High School
84 Route 31
Flemington, NJ 08822

Paris, le 10/07/2013

Dear Madame Cecilia Oak,

On behalf of our international association, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation of your contribution of $600 to PMME. In a world increasingly polarized by the differences between societies, weary of corruption and the abuse of money, it is a profound pleasure to acknowledge your generous gift. It is a wonderful example of how a group of people can contribute directly to children they have never seen but whose needs they comprehend very well.

At this time when Sichuan is again experiencing natural devastation, it is important that the teachers and children in the school have tangible evidence that there are caring and humane people in the world such as yourselves who recognize that humanity needs a sense of mutual support and understanding. We are not only grateful for your precious support we will make sure that others are aware of your kindness and humanity.

签名Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Kui ZHANG
President of the association PMME

尊敬的Cecilia Oak老师和美国新泽西州Hunterdon高中的同学们:



此时此刻,中国四川正经历着又一次天灾。我们相信,当那里的老师和孩子们得知大洋彼岸的爱心奉献,他们一定会再一次感受到世界大家庭的温暖。人类需要相互理解和帮助。 再次感谢你们的宝贵支持。同时,我们还会通过各种渠道把你们的善良与人道关怀传播给众人。




国际PMME协会主席2013年7月10日 于巴黎

Indifference is the first step on a path which leads ultimately to the destruction of the values which define us as human beings.

L’indifférence est la première marche qui mène à la destruction des valeurs essentielles de l’humanité.


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