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ASSOCIATION " A Better World via Education "


The children of the earth are humanity's greatest treasure. Join us with your generous donation and help socially disadvantaged children have a happy childhood!

PMME invitation for the inauguration day in Sichuan

Dear friends and generous donors,

We are very happy to inform you that as a result of your invaluable support and donations, the reconstruction of the Kindergarten in Sichuan is now close to completion.

Following the recent visit to Sichuan by two members of the PMME (Kui Yu Zhang and Kailing Zhu), the current situation is as follows:

  1. The provincial government of Henan has decided to join our activities by donating 4 millions chinese yuan (about 600,000 USD) to demolish and rebuild the most damaged building of the school, i.e. the South building with three floors. This work is now in progress and the new earthquake-resistant structure will be completed before the end of august 2010.
  2. The funds collected by PMME (currently ~160,000 USD) will be used to cover the costs of repair and reinforcement of the other 3 buildings in the school. The total cost of this work is estimated at 1.52 millions chinese yuan (equivalent to 220,000 USD). So all donations will be still very welcome.
  3. The repair work is progressing so well since March 2010 that the children have been gradually able to utilise these three buildings. Thus we have been able to fix a date for the official inauguration of the school for friday August 27th 2010.
  4. For the inauguration, we propose to organise a week of activities to enable donors and visitors to experience some aspects of this area of Sichuan. The events will include a visit to the national museum commemorating the earthquake of 2008, a visit to the museum of chinese antiquities, a visit to the reserve for the preservation of Pandas, and visits to two UNESCO sites in the Tibetan region of Sichuan including a visit to a Tibetan village.
  5. We would like to invite all our donors and members of their families as well as their friends to visit Sichuan for the inauguration. We could offer our donors reduced costs for the proposed activities as outlined in the attached table. We would be grateful if you could confirm your participation either total or partial by e-mail prior to May 15th 2010.
  6. We are in the process of arranging the installation of a mural for the wall surrounding of the Kindergarten. The voting by donors indicated that their preference is for mural A (which is also the choice of both the artist and the staff of the Kindergarten). Thus this mural will be installed near the entrance but the mural B could be installed on an interior wall.
  7. On the wall close to the entrance to the Kindergarten, in addition to the mural, there will be a list of all donors and a poem written for the remembrance of the tragedy of the earthquake in Sichuan. We would be grateful if you could verify the information which is attached and confirm your agreement with this plan by e-mail prior to May 15th 2010.


We are very much looking forward to meeting you in Sichuan!


Program for the Inauguration period





Saturday 21/08

Welcome in Chengdu

Chengdu, BuYi hotel
(~40 )


Sunday 22/08

Morning flight for the two UNESCO sites, visit JZG

In JiuZhaiGou (JZG)
(~30 )

Return flight ticket: ~ 240

Monday 23/08

Visit to JZG and leaving by bus in the afternoon for Huanglong

(~30 )

Visiting tickets: ~ 25 /site

Tuesday 24/08

Visit of Huanglong

(~30 )


Wednesday 25/08

Visit to a tibetan village near the airport ; return to Chengdu in the afternoon. Watching
Sichuan Opera during the diner

Chengdu, BuYi hotel
(~40 )

Free hotel for donors.

Thursday 26/08

Visit to the museum of chinese antiquities ; visit to the reserve for the preservation of Pandas ; arrival in JiangYou in the afternoon; banquet.

Jiangyou Hotel
(~30-40 )

Free banquet and hotel for donors.

Friday 27/08

Early morning visit to the national museum commemorating the earthquake of 2008; inauguration;
Visit to the former house of most famous chinese poet Li Bo (en option), free departure.


The national museum under construction is 30 km far from Jiangyou city.


List of donors

  1. ALIX Alain (France)
  2. BARRERE François (France)
  3. BASTEADO Sean (Canada)
  4. BRAIDY Nady (Canada)
  5. BRECHET Yves (France)
  6. BIRO Elliot (Canada)
  7. CARBOTTE Jules (Canada)
  8. CARBOTTE Remona (Canada)
  9. DAUMONT Garance (France)
  10. DUFFY Rosemary (Canada)
  11. EMBURY David (Canada)
  12. FELLOUS Carla (France)
  13. JESSOP J. (Canada)
  14. KOCKS Fred (USA)
  15. KOCKS Marianne (USA)
  16. KOZMAN Torrin (Canada)
  17. LANGUEREAU Eloi (France)
  18. LANGUEREAU Judith (France)
  19. LANZENBERG François (France)
  20. LANZENBERG Margaret (France)
  21. LARROQUE Christophe (France)
  22. LAURENT Daniel (France)
  23. LECAT Célia (France)
  24. LEFEVRE-SCHLICK Florent (Canada)
  25. MACKAY Alan (UK)
  26. MAMETCatherine (France)
  27. MASSE Jean-Philippe (Canada)
  28. MOUZE Dominique (France)
  29. PANZA-GIOSA Roque (Canada)
  30. PFEIFFER James (Canada)
  31. ROTHWELL Katie (Canada)
  32. RUBINSTEIN Ivan (France)
  33. SCHMIDT Tim (USA)
  34. SINTY Raymond (France)
  35. SOLMOJSI Adrianne (Canada)
  36. SMEDSTAD Kari (Canada)
  37. WECK Arnaud (Canada)
  38. KANG Annie (Canada)
  39. VERPILLAT Frank (France)
  40. MAZELIER Sarah (France)
  41. STAGIAIRE Viet (France)
  42. WU Laurent (France)
  43. YU Catherine (France)
  44. YU William (France)
  45. Future donors

45. CHE Hanqing 车翰卿 (西安 Xi’an)
46. CHENG Yachuan 程亚川 (绵阳 Mianyang)
47. CHENG Xiaoliang 程小梁(加拿大 Canada)
48. CHIEN Chia-Ling 钱嘉陵 (美国 USA)
49. DU Youwei 都有为 (南京 Nanjing)
50. FANG Dongyu 方东煜 (北京 Beijing)
51. FENG Meiping 丰美萍(青岛 Qingdao)
52. GAO Qian 高倩 (北京 Beijing)
53. GUO Xiaoning 郭晓宁 (太原Taiyuan)
54. HAN Ke 韩珂 (美国 USA)
55. JIANGYunxian 姜云献 (绵阳 Mianyang)
56. JI Guangbin 姬广斌 (南京 Nanjing)
57. KANG Jidong 康继东(加拿大 Canada)
58. KONG Juan 孔娟 (加拿大 Canada)
59. LI Jinhua 李金华 (北京 Beijing)
60. LI Kent 李志强 (加拿大 Canada)
61. LI Weixia 李维霞 (法国 France)
62. LIU Dayong 刘大勇 (北京 Beijin)
63. LIU Min 刘敏 (青岛Qingdao)
64. LIU Wei 刘伟 (北京 Beijing)
65. LIU Xiaoman 刘晓曼 (法国 France)
66. LIANG Xin 梁新 (美国 USA)
67. NIU Rongmei 牛荣梅 (西安 Xi’an)
68. REN Xufang 任旭芳 (兖州 Yanzhou)
69. SHI Lei 石雷 (法国 France)
70. TIAN Jinduo 田金铎 (沈阳 Shenyang)
71. TIAN Ziyang 田子阳 (沈阳 Shenyang)
72. WANG Bo 王博 (加拿大 Canada)
73. WANG Chunhong 王春红 (济南 Jinan)
74. WANG Jun 王军 (德国 Germany)
75. WANG Jun 王均 (济南 Jinan)
76. WANG Hong 王宏 (淄博 Zibo)
77. WANG Liang 王亮 (加拿大 Canada)
78. WANG Lin 汪林 (苏州 Suzhou)
79. WANG Qingyuan 王清源 (成都 Chengdu)
80. WANG Xiang 王翔 (加拿大 Canada)
WANG Yue 王悦 (美国 USA)
82. WEN文老师 (沈阳 Shenyang)
WU Chao 吴超 (上海 Shanghai)
84. WU Haiqian 吴海倩 (加拿大 Canada)
85. WU Hongqing 武洪庆 (天津 Tianjin)
86. WU Ming 吴明 (法国 France)
87. XU Gu 许谷 (加拿大 Canada)
88. YANG Huajie 阳华杰 (沈阳 Shenyang)
89. ZHANG Deyi 张德义 (济南 Jinan)
90. ZHANG Fengli 张凤丽 (上海 Shanghai)
91. ZHANG Gao 张高 (济南 Jinan)
92. ZHANG Kui 张葵 (法国 France)
93. ZHANG Kun 张鲲 (成都 Chengdu)
94. ZHANG Nan 张楠 (济南 Jinan)
95. ZHANG Ping 张平 (青岛 Qingdao)
97. ZHANG Yuepeng 张跃鹏 (加拿大 Canada)
98. ZHANG Yuhong 张宇红 (沈阳 Shenyang)
99. ZHOU Qi 周琦 (加拿大 Canada)
97. ZHOU Ya 周亚 (加拿大 Canada)
100. ZHU Kailing 朱开玲 (青岛 Qingdao)
101. ZHU Yunde 竺韵德 (宁波 Ningbo)
102. 未来的捐赠者们


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