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The children of the earth are humanity's greatest treasure. Join us with your generous donation and help socially disadvantaged children have a happy childhood!


After the earthquake on the 12th May 2008

The small humanitarian aid organisation PMME had its origins in the grief and destruction of the massive earthquake in Sichuan in May 2008. The images of devastated towns and villages and the loss of many children are etched into our memories.

However, from these terrible events, we must weave hope for the future not simply in the reconstruction of new building but in new forms of contacts, between peoples. We need experiences that bind us to our fellow human beings allowing us to share each other's burdens and build our future hopes together.

Our vision is broad. We want to develop processes of both education and scientific research to aid in the relief of future disasters and to benefit the rural poor in both China and elsewhere on the earth.

Our hopes are in the children of the future and our starting point is with a kindergarten in Sichuan. This school was seriously damaged during the earthquake. We plan to rebuild the school such that it can also serve as a new kind of small conference centre for the discussion of aid processes, educational methods and appropriate scientific research for the developments for disaster relief.

Traditionally, conferences and summer schools are held in major cities with large hotels etc. Our approach will be to develop workshops and summer schools, which have all the necessary educational aids, and facilities for a modern conference but which are conducted close to the disastrous areas so that participants can experience directly the needs of the people. This will enable us to develop a dialogue which is concrete and appropriate to the needs of people in rural areas and areas affected by natural disasters.

We welcome academics, researchers and administrators who are motivated to tackle problems related to disaster relief and poverty through education. These will serve as an interface with both government and people from industry to catalyse concerted actions in the future.


They are no longer there…...
but other children need our help


The most moving donor - Annie
a 8-year-old Canadian-Chinese girl
(please see "Annie's story" in "Current fund raising"section)

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